SW2300 RAF Roof unit

SW2300 RAF Roof unit


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Removes excess heat from the roof space making it easier to cool your home.

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The Solar Whiz roof ventilation unit and exhaust fan prevents heat build up in your roof space and reduces the heat load on your ceiling. This prevents heat from radiating down into your living space. This results in lower roof space temperatures as well as lower internal temperatures. Solar Whiz roof ventilation provides your family with a more comfortable indoor living space, whilst potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs, if you’re using air conditioning.

For the Solar Whiz roof ventilator to be effective in removing heat or moisture, replacement air must be accessible. Replacement air is most commonly accessed via eave vent or ceiling vents. Heat or moisture may also be extracted directly via ducting.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 56 × 36 × 33 cm

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