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SW1000 RAF Bushfire Rated


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Bush Fire Rated Roof Ventilation System

Solar Whiz 1000- Roof mounted- 20W PV with 24 v capacity

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The Solar Whiz SW1000 RAF roof unit cools your roof space by replacing the hot air with cooler air pulled in through vents under the eaves or other openings to the roof space. This normally enables you to maintain roof temperatures only a few degrees above the ambient temperature. The difference between the standard solarwhiz and the bush rated unit is the bush fire unit has a mesh cover which prevent fire embers entering back into the unit in the event of a bush fire. 

Solar Whiz is used to remove hot air from the roof/attic space, however it may also be used for removing heat directly from the interior of the building. A Solar Whiz will also protect the roof structure and help prevent mould and mildew. Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space reduces the heat load on your ceiling, and stops heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you hundreds of dollars in reduced cooling cost while at the same time increasing the comfort.


Powerful heat extraction without electricity bills or carbon emissions!
Solar Powered – No Running cost – Increased comfort – Hundreds of dollars in savings!!!!!

Night packs also available for all round comfort. You need an adjustable thermostat if you going to choose a night pack.
WHAT IS A NIGHT PACK? A Night Pack allows the Solar Whiz to run into the evening on hot Summer nights AFTER the sun has gone down. Some nights can continue to be in excess of 30 – 35 degrees well into the night. In Melbourne last Summer there were nights where it did NOT fall below 30 degrees all night! There are benefits in having your solar whiz continue to run.
The Night Pack is a relay switch that alternates between power from the PV panel to a 12V power supply. It is plugged into a power point inside the roof space. When there is not enough sun to power the Solar Whiz the 12V power supply kicks in. The relay switch automatically switches back once there is enough sun. The system is governed by the adjustable thermostat. The Solar Whiz will turn off when the temperature in the roof space drops below the temperature set on the thermostat.
The different Solar Whiz units are capable of moving 10-30 times the amount of air that a Whirlybird moves – depending on the type of Whirlybird. An average Whirlybird moves around 100cbm⁄hr. The SW1400 is capable of doing 10-15 times that amount. The SW2100 raf has a capacity of 2100cbm⁄hr – about 50% more air than the SW1400 raf. 

Solar Whiz offers a wide range of solar roof ventilation fans for effective roof ventilation reducing the need for conventional house cooling using Air conditioning or evaporative cooling systems. 

House cooling with Attic Fan – Roof Vent

The Solar Whiz roof vent will extract hot air from the roof space and replace it via eave vents (sometimes also referred to as air vents) for an effective roof ventilation solution.

The roof ventilation from the attic fan, will (if sufficient replacement air is available) bring the roof space temperature down close to ambient temperature, which in turn will reduce the heat load on the ceiling and the amount of heat radiating into the home. Consequently the temperature in the home or work place will be reduced and the need for house cooling in the form of Air conditioning or evaporative cooling. Roof ventilation is made effective by decreasing the heat in the roof space so replacement air can make a substantial difference and bring cool replacement air.

Increase efficiency of Air Conditioning

Furthermore, electricity usage for the above mechanical house cooling will not only be reduced due to reduced running time – but ducted air conditioning systems will also become more efficient (better roof ventilation) as the temperature in the roof space is reduced, heat gain in the ducts are reduced – and the air conditioning system therefore operates more effectively – saving you even more money on your roof ventilation system.

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