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Air Dry is a division of Solair. Solair specialise in helping you manage a cleaner, safer and healthier indoor space through ventilation using solar, heating, cooling and sub-floor fans for your home or commercial building.

The Very Best In Ventilation – Exhaust Fans and Solar Ventilation

Our products remove damp, mould, dehumidify and exhaust heat. Our systems are also 100% energy efficient – providing you with an innovative and sustainable ventilation solution that can lead to great overall household savings! We offer a range of different exhaust fans, solar roof ventilators and dehumidifiers.

Choose the product you want and install yourself

Let us help you on your ventilation journey for a comfortable, fresh home or office building. We can advice the effectiveness of our solar powered heating and cooling systems for you to attain the best result. After a quick chat, you’ll understand how we can cut your power costs and make your home more comfortable and healthier.

Why Shop with Air dry?

Our Range

Air Dry offers a wide variety of products such as bathroom exhaust fanskitchen exhaust fans, range-hoods (BBQ & kitchen), commercial ventilation, heat transfer kits, solar roof ventilators, solar powered dehumidifiers. All Air Dry products are energy efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly and sustainable ventilation solutions to sub floor dampness and any other ventilation issues.

Our Air Dry team processes all your orders quickly and efficiently for fast delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide as well as all over Australia.