SW AU 15 RAF Roof Unit


SW AU 15 RAF Roof unit removes 1200 cubic metres of air per hour

The SW AU 15 RAF (Real Air Flow) Roof unit is our larger mid-range unit. It is best suited towards ventilating larger homes up to 180 square meters or are looking for extra roof ventilation power and improved results in home cooling.


Model SW AU 15 Roof Unit

Capacity 1200 Cubic Metres per Hour (m3/h)

PV Wattage 15

Watt Fan Decible<45 Decibels (dBA)

Dimensions 560mm × 360mm × 330mm

Weight 11 kg

Night Operations Yes, with Constant Current Module (add-on) not included in price

Additional information

Weight11 kg
Dimensions56 × 36 × 33 cm