Solar Whiz SW AU C 155- Roof mounted- self install price

Commercial Warehouse Ventilation
If you have a warehouse, in many cases it may be vital to keep the entire warehouse space well-ventilated. Many products can be damaged by excessive heat, which makes warehouse storage in hot climates especially difficult. Investing in industrial air-conditioning units will keep the space cooled, but will be absurdly expensive to run. Purchasing conventional rotary-style industrial whirlybirds can also help, though results show that these old designs are incapable of moving enough air on their own. On top of that, you would need to purchase many whirlybirds to adequately ventilate an entire warehouse.

The SW-AU-C-155 is our largest commercial ventilation unit. It is our most popular commercial fan with a capacity of upto 10000m3/h.It is incredibly powerful and an industry-leading model. This unit is ideal for extracting air from spaces such as: •Gymnasiums or sporting centres, •Warehouses, •Factories •Agricultural sheds If you need a dedicated ventilation solution for a large-scale commercial property or business,contact us today to find out more.
SPECIFICATIONS Airflow Capacity Up to 10000m3/h (Equivalent to166,680l it res per minute) PV Panel High-Impact Resistant Polycrystalline 155 WattPanel Fan Motor 10-24 Volt DC Brushless Motor Double-Shielded BallBearings Fan Decibel <73dBA(atametreaway) Equivalent to a conversation at 1 metre Fan Cap Powder-coated aluminium Body Stainless Steel304 Flashing Length & Width:900mm Height:0.9mm Coating Electro Static UV resistant spray ccured in high temperature drying process
Solar Whiz Commercial gives you powerful solar ventilation. They operate purely with the power of the sun and can be wired to run overnight via a night operations kit. Conventional wind-driven turbines rely on the expansion of air to work—such as air being heated. Why let the air inside your warehouse warm up in the first place? Commercial warehouse ventilation is no struggle for Solar Whiz!

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions92 × 92 × 34 cm