SW10000 RAF- Roof Mounted – 150W

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SW10000 RAF- Roof Mounted – 150W


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Solar Whiz 10000- Roof mounted- 150W PV

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The need for comfort and a safe work environment creates a demand for powerful, efficient commercial exhaust fans. Traditionally, business owners have steered towards the use of industrial whirlybirds. There is also the sway towards ‘roof fans’ which divert the air either upwards or outwards (within the building). In a toxic or industrial environment this always, does one main process -that is reuse the toxic, spoilt air that already exists in the work area. However as comparisons show, a standard commercial whirlybird is inefficient and does not meet modern requirements for airflow. The key is mechanical displacement using fresh air, it is both healthier and cooler to occupants and employees.

Our fan systems being roof mounted, are designed for all forms of fume extraction including, mechanic shops, toxin/chemical cleaning, soup/food prep kitchens, paint/spirit manufacturing, adhesive/bonding factories. Its a win -win  for employers & employees with heat extraction, fume extraction and complete clean air replacement.

This single SW unit draws 10,000 cubic meters of air using a 150watt PV cell.

Don’t take our word for it, either.


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