SolarVenti SV20 Air dehumidifier


100,4×197,4×5,5cm(Alu wall mounting) Regulator standard inclusive

The SV20 solar air collectors are delivered with on/off switch.

The panel filter is maintenance free.

The SV20 solar air collectors are delivered with on/off switch.

The panel filter is maintenance free.

SolarVenti SV20A Air is normal for rooms up to 100 m2 - and mounted either horizontally or vertically on a wall or on the roof.

The heats approx. 80-140 m3 of air between approx.

30 degrees per hour at full sunlight.

SV20A comes with all accessories for installation.

A SV20 air collector usually cover at least 250m2

SV20 comes with complete accessories and installation kits ready for wall or roof.

The heats about 150 m3 of air per hour from 20 to 30 degrees Co. - depending on the sunlight. And blowing the heated air into the building.SolarVenti recommend that SV20 model fitted with at least 60 degrees.

There are two SV20 mounting versions: Switched or Regulator

1) with complete mounting kit for asbestos cement, tile or concrete tile coating.
2) with complete mounting kit to take with steel & flat bitumen.

The panel filter is maintenance-free.For more information:

Dimension SV model: 1974 x 1004 x 55 mm
Boxed SV20 model : 2117x 1100 x 150 mm
Boxed of SV20 Roof kit: 1070 x 260 x 170 mm
Weight SV panel Packaging: 18.5 kg
Weight SV panel with packaging 23.7 kg
Frame: Aluminium Colour: Aluminium, white or black (Special order)
(Additional charge for white and black)
Cover: UV-resistant Lexan (insulating)
Absorber: Special felt (black)
Air outlet: ΓΈ125
Rear: Perforated aluminium plateSolar element:
Dimension: 1. 920 x 310 x 9 mm
Voltage: 12 Volt
Power: 12 WattFan:
Manufacturer: SUNON
Consumption: 6.2 to 6.8 W
Dimension: 120 x 120 x 38 mm
Rated output (mounted in the open air): 250 m3/hour
Actual performance (mounted in panel): 90 to 200 m3/hourRegulator:
Type: SV regulator unit (Reg II) h solar operation - with switch, regulator,
pump control and thermostat
Material: Anodized Aluminum / Black PlasticOther information:
Efficiency: Approximately 60%
Temp. increase: Typically 20-3 degrees
Even higher temperatures increase by use of small quantities of air
Room capacity: In normal use at least 200 m2
Air flow is regulated at SV regulator or nozzle

Additional information

Weight21 kg
Dimensions217 × 105 × 15 cm
Mounting Type

Wall, Roof


Alu, Black, White