Adjustable Thermostat


Adj thermostat for the Solar whiz unit

Adjustable Thermostat
Our Adjustable Thermostat is our most popular accessory. It provides complete control over when your Solar Whiz operates. During periods of exceptional heat, this could ensure Solar Whiz begins operations earlier, preventing heat buildup. Alternatively, you can deactivate the system to retain heat in winter.



Model  SW1112

Voltage 12-240V

Weight  <1 kg

You may also want the Night Operations Kit - sold separately at $140 inc.

Night Operations Kit
The N-OPS kit (Also known as the Constant Current Module) is a useful addition that allows a Solar Whiz installation to be run during low-light hours such as heavily overcast days, or night-time. This enables your Solar Whiz to run on mains electricity once the solar charge has depleted.



Model               ELEC124D

Components   Constant Current Module
24V 3A Power Supply
Weight             <1 kg

Suitable for all domestic units