250mm Ceiling vent


250mm Ceiling vent for Solar Whiz

250mm Ceiling vent for Solar Whiz

These are a great looking style of ceiling vent which are popular with ducted heating and cooling systems. They have excellent performance characteristics - with low resistance, excellent throw and low noise. ABS is a durable material that is UV protected so it wont go yellow over time. The easy clips make installation a breeze. Duct simply connects to the neck at the top. The cone in the middle can be adjusted to increase or reduce air flow. It can even be fully closed to shut off the diffuser from drafts or heat loss.

This diffuser has a neck of 150mm diameter and a face size of 250mm. Cut out is 220mm in diameter and a cutting template is provided.

  • ABS material
  • UV protected - wont yellow with age
  • Easy snap-in installation
  • Low air resistance
  • Excellent throw

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