BR622 Bundle (2 adjacent rooms): 1x BRW600ST (900m3h) and 1x DVK600

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This Isodrive®-powered silent exhaust fan comes with 900 m3/hr airflow to whisk away odours, steam, stale air and humidity in seconds – efficiently reducing airborne bacteria and preventing mould growth. It is designed to be installed through the roof, wall or eave and suitable for almost any room in your unit, apartment, townhouse, single or multi-storey house.

Improves indoor air quality

Hygienically removes odours and airborne bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals.

Powerful silent extraction

Powerful silent extraction - the externally-mounted German-engineered Isodrive® motor silently whisks away odours, steam, stale air and humidity in seconds.

Perimeter Aspiration

Uses an additional panel to create a Venturi effect along its edges for more intensive and effective extraction.


The Schweigen Isodrive® motors are amongst the most energy-efficient in the market, requiring just 57 watts of power to run on some models.

Discreet design

Sleek profile integrates seamlessly into the ceiling for a modern, minimalist look.

Multi-purpose ventilation

Suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom, toilet, garage, wine cellar or laundry room.

Flexible & functional

Flexible & functional - can be easily installed and vented to 2 adjacent rooms by a professional.

Free ducting included

Comes bundled with right-sized ducting at no extra cost.


Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on the motor.*


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